Charity Update


At the end of 2015, 1060€ was donated to “Clean Energy Nepal” for the earthquake affected families in Nepal.


Objective: The ultimate goal is to provide a solar lighting system in school and to embed the importance of renewable energy.


Outcome1: Students taking SLC exams are provided with continuous supply of electricity and their mobile phones are charged after the installation of solar power system.


Outcome 2: Teachers are able to use continued internet services and provide students the updated knowledge to students


Outcome 3: All students and teachers are connected due to fully charged cell phones


Targeted School: Shree Tripura Sundari Higher Secondary School, Thauthali, Sindupalchok


No. of Students: 500




Installation of 85 watt solar system and two sets of computer run by solar system

Installation of internet facilities

Earthing in School premises



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