Charity Bazaar 2012



At the September Coffee Meeting the Steering Committee took suggestions for which charities we might support with this year's fundraising. We had multiple worthy causes to choose from and it was not an easy decision to pick which to support. In the end we decided on two: Mwanjema Orphan Care in Malawi and Lotti Latrous' Hospice: Centre d'Espoir in Ivory Coast. Please take a moment to read more about the two places below.





























Mwanjema Orphan Care


Mwanjema is a place dedicated to feeding children under the age of five or six years of age in the local area. The area that Mwanejema serves is desperately poor and the children will wear several layers of ragged clothing so that the holes in one layer are covered by another layer and thus several layers provide more coverage than a single layer of clothing could.160 children or more are registered, but not all show up every day. Mwanjema is run by local volunteers (who are not trained to run a nursery school) who feed the children that primarily show up for a daily meal.


The International Womens Association of Malawi (IWAM) is already involved at Mwanjema but seeing that the area is so extremely poor they would like to be able to do more and this is where the money we can raise would make a difference.


























Lotti Latrous' Hospice: Centre d'Espoir


Lotti Latrous is a Swiss woman who after seeing and living close to the terrible conditions of the poor of Abidjan in Ivory Coast decided to make it her life's work to care for and help the poor and sick by opening a local medical clinic in the slums. When the clinic was opened her husband's job took the family from Ivory Coast to Cairo in Egypt and Lotti Latrous now did what few of us would ever contemplate: She would live with her husband and children for two months and then return to Abidjan and the clinic for one month. When this did not work she took the decision to stay permanently in Abidjan and only visit her family a few times a year. Since the first clinic opened in 1999 Lotti Latrous has managed to open a hospice as well as an orphanage - all funded by donations. Should you want to, you can read more about Lotti Latrous and the work she does by visiting her website.



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